Flight Planning Module

  • Details: The Flight Schedule Generation module allows you to plan flight schedules. Using its unique optimization with mathematical flight programming, the result of the flight schedules generated by the SIGLA system aims to maximize the use of aircraft, with the maximum number of flights distributed to the smallest number of aircraft, organizing flights in sequence (runway of aircraft). It also allows numerous studies and analyzes of the Airline's flights, including flights from other airlines (code-share). It allows the control of Slots, allows the import and export of files in the SSIM File standard, among other features, ensuring an efficient strategic planning for the airline.

Flight Execution Module

  • Details:In the SIGLA System Coordination Module, the management of the operational network is carried out in real time, allowing the control of flights during the execution of the programming and maintenance of the aircraft. It is supported with planning management of delays, cancellations and other factors that change the original, which gives a global view of the entire operation.

Crew Members Module

  • Details: In the Crew Schedule module, it is possible to plan and monitor crew schedules. It also allows for analysis of planned pairings and crew schedule lists. Training, licenses and documents can be controlled.Control of flight hours and Crew activities. Still allows analysis of individual reports of planned schedules and regulations.

App Mobile Crew

  • Details: IN the exclusive and personalized SIGLA CREW application, the crew member will have individual access to their monthly schedule. You can also view messages, documents and reports and request rest days.Everything to make communication between the Crew Member and the Operational Control Center even safer and more transparent.

Aircraft Weight and Balance Module

  • Details: In the SIGLA system, the Weight and Balance module allows the airline to carry out the runway analysis, carry out the elaboration of the dispatch and visualization of the parameterized envelope allowing a better analysis of the weight and balance.

Integration Module

  • Details:The SIGLA system has several integrations, with integration with passenger systems, cargo, airports, and can be customized or in the aviation standard. Uses aviation standard messages, such as IATA standard messages (SSIM File, Slots Messages, MVT, ASM, APIS, General Declaration)

Digital LogBook

  • Details: Coming Soon!