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LATOP is an IT service provider for the airlines and cargo segments. With more than 20 years, our team has vast experience and ability to combine deep knowledge in logistics and transport technology, allowing customers to have a differentiated experience, aligned with the processes and needs of the aircraft and cargo sectors.

With the SIGLA system, it is possible to obtain in an integrated and intelligent way the control of transport operations and crew schedules from planning to the end of execution.IT products and services offer customers a wide range of benefits and support the efficient management of transport companies through the tool.


Plan fleet and crew resources with optimization and graphical analytics for better decision making.

Daily Control

Time Control and Coordination: Real-time graphic management of fleet movements and crew schedules.

Data Management

Various controls: fuel, crew regulation, fleet maintenance, tariffs, statistics, payments.


Integration with systems, allowing to import and export valuable information for the transport operation.

Planning with maximized results

Route optimization using mathematical programming. The result allows numerous studies of roadmaps for the company's operation.

The analyzes can be done with the maximization of routes and the search for minimization of the amount of resources, organizing the sequencing of the fleets.

Crew schedule with planning and execution control

Creation of Crew schedule scenarios for analysis of planned pairings and crew schedules rosters.

Greater visibility and control of crew scheduling. Daily control of crew schedules, in accordance with current regulations, management of certificates, training, licenses and crew documents. Allows you to provide individualized reports of planned schedules in a mobile application.

SIGLA Solutions

Integrated operations information system ensures greater efficiency and data management in just one platform.

Fleet and route planning

Operational planning of the mesh with mathematical optimization of the routes.

Crew schedule planning

Planning the schedule with mathematical optimization and according to the planned itineraries.

Coordination of routes

Coordinated operation of scheduled route schedules.

Execution of planned schedules

Execution of schedule with full control and monitoring of schedules according to crew legislation.

Fuel Control

Fuel control in accordance with operational routes.

Weight and Balance Module

Elaboration of the dispatch and visualization of the parameterized envelope allowing a better analysis of the weight and balance.

Mobile Applications

Mobile platform for crew members to access their schedules, in direct communication with the operation.

Statistical, logbook and payment controls

Flight statistics, logbook controls, financial controls and crew payments.


Integration of information at different times, always flexible and adhering to business needs. Include standard communication messages.

Data Management

Data generation of the entire operation, allowing numerous analyzes and all operational control in just one platform.


Altair Junior | IT Supervisor

VoePass Linhas Aéreas

At VoePass I have always had great experiences with the SIGLA system, a tool that is easy to use, robust and delivers everything that is requested. I cannot fail to mention the support provided by LATOP, whenever I needed it, they attended to me extremely quickly, solving all my doubts. I appreciate the partnership and hope that we can continue on this journey together, for a long time.

Lucas Cavalcanti | Operations Assistant

Omni Aviation

My name is Lucas, I'm from Brazil and work for Omni Aviation. I have been using SIGLA everyday for one and half years. Actually I'm the Duty Man, but due to company size I do both modules of the system. (duties / crew controls and flight schedule) and this is a great opportunity to see how SIGLA works in all spheres. We have a lot of advantages when we use SIGLA, because they have all crew training registers in the database, all flights, all carried passengers, all fuel consumption, all fuel prices and invoices, ground handling services and prices, all airports, aircrafts and crew duties. The system can generate thousands of reports for all company areas (pricing and revenue, airports, operations, flight dispatchers, maintenance) in one click, saving time from the employees and giving more reliability for these reports. The SIGLA smooths my work load and takes ease of the important information propagation for crew and managers.

Rafael Ferreira | IT Infrastructure Analyst

Modern Linhas Aéreas

Latop has followed a great partner, providing a quality service in support of its product and improving solutions according to the needs of our users.

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